Thought of the Day January 17, 2022 Who am I?

By 10:01 AM

"Who am I?" This is a basic question of life. Do I receive my identity from myself, how I perceive myself, how I feel in a given moment? Is my identity determine by my actions, some of which I may be ashamed  of? Do I receive my identity from others? By what they say or think about me or by what I perceive them to think or say? Their perception of me is colored by their own issues and expectations. Who am I? My true identity comes from the One who created me, from the One who redeemed me, from the One who adopted me. I am an adopted son or daughter of God. If I looked to others than God for my worth or identity, I will have a false understanding or image of myself.  "I am who I am in the eyes of God, nothing more, nothing less." My identity involves a relationship with the source of my being. Embracing this identity and this relationship will give me freedom from the control others may seek to have over me or the false image I have about myself. 

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