Thought of the Day January 11, 2022 Return to the Lord

By 1:21 PM

In fact, we belong to the Lord. But in reality, do we? This is our daily struggle. The world, the flesh and the Devil try to convince us otherwise, not directly, but subtly. It is like boiling a frog. You put the frog in a pot of tap water, where it feels comfortable. Then, you slowly turn up the heat, until the frog is cooked. God reminds us that we belong to him. We are called to keep our eyes on him and to follow his lead. The tempters seek to lure us, without us knowing it, to follow the pleasing allurements before us. Over a period of time we find that we have taken our eyes off God and our hearts are ensnared. Even so, we still belong to the Lord. He gives us an escape rope, the grace of repentance and the grace of being rooted in him once more. Return to your first love and remain in him, if you wish to remain free.

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