Thought of the Day January 21, 2022 My choice

By 10:27 AM

 It seems easier for us to look at our pains and sufferings--real or perceived--rather than at the blessings and joys in our daily life. It seems easier for us to say "poor me" than "praise and thanks". Each response will determine our outlook at life itself. Is life a blessing from God or a curse we are under? Is each day a grace moment to grow closer to God or a burden to endure? What makes the difference is my attitude and focus. I can't necessarily change the situations and circumstances of my life that are out of my control. But I can change how I allow these to determine me or not. If my focus  is on God, I will see these things from his perspective. If my focus is on me, I will allow these things to determine me. It is my choice either to embrace the grace of the moment or the negativity of the moment. On the cross, one of the criminals crucified with Jesus embraced the grace of the moment; the other did not. Which one do we want to be?

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