Thought of the Day January 24, 2022 To be in the world but not of the world

By 10:25 AM

Jesus spoke about being in the world without being of the world. What does he mean? What would that look like? To begin with, not to be of the world is to be with Jesus, to follow his lead, to submit all things to him, to see the circumstances of life through his eyes. The world in which I live doesn't determine me. In fact, to others I am seen as counter cultural, because my values are not those of the world. What matters most is my relationship with God. I am not seeking the so-called American dream of more material goods. I am seeking the Kingdom dream of deeper intimacy with God. I am in the world, because I still struggle with the temptations of the world, flesh and the Devil. But I choose not to be of the world by not allowing these to blind me of my real inheritance, eternal life with God. The world I am in is passing. The world I belong to is eternal. To be in the world without being of the world is a choice made and lived in only by grace each day.

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